It’s time you get
the recognition
you deserve!

How would it make
you feel to stand on a
and share your
message with passion
and impact?

Perhaps, you have a message burning in your heart, but you don’t know if you have what it takes? Or maybe you feel inadequate and inexperienced as a speaker? Or you don’t know if your message will make the impact you desire?


If that describes you, then I can help you. As a TEDx Speaking Coach I will help you…


So you will believe in yourself, your message and sharing your talk on stage


Teaching you the A-Z of a TEDx speech; how to plan, prepare, practice and present your talk


Get superclear on your idea and write a script that has your personal flavour all over it to tell your story

Can you imagine yourself on a TEDx stage?

I know what it means to feel small, insignificant and struggling with a fear of public speaking. Talking on stage or speaking in front of a group of people was my worst nightmare. I really felt uncomfortable. I started to sweat everywhere, I battled with thoughts of what others would think of me, the staring eyes of a group of people looking at me, the possibility of forgetting my lines and blacking out. I remember my school days when I just wanted to run away from the classroom instead of giving a speech in front of the other students. It didn’t matter if I knew the group or not. I always felt majorly uncomfortable. Fast forward, today I love to speak in public and engage an audience. Watch my TED Talk (video) to get an impression.

Would you like to go on a TEDx journey?
This is how we do it.


Fill out my coaching application form to tell me about yourself and the goals you have for your speaking journey.

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I’ll send you a link to book a free 20 minute call to chat so we can get to know each other better and see if I’m the right person to help you.


Get Started

If we both feel like it’s a good fit, you’ll be able to choose a coaching package & start date that suits you so we can get to work!

Who says you can’t do a TED Talk? If you start to believe and do the thing you fear over and over you will be amazed at what you can achieve

Lee Immerzeel, TEDx Venlo 2019

Working with Lee feels like your best friend who believes in you and sees all your strengths. When you are his client you can be assured of his full attention and care. Which I believe is a rare quality.

He has tons know-how and insight, how to apply for TEDx, what they expect and what to focus on.

He helps you overcome roadblocks to make your story powerful and impactful.

Lee will meet you where you are at but be ready to end up way further than you expected.

Be ready for success with Lee!

Lucia Engel

Self Love Coach

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