Is it possible to have a FEAR of public speaking and still do 2 TED Talks?

Let me explain…

Thinking about standing in front of a group and saying something in public was my worst nightmare. You know those moments when you feel awkward, uncomfortable and insecure. You have sweaty armpits, a dry mouth and a tendency to run away instead of standing there alone. That was me.

I learned that running away from the thing I fear doesn’t help. Actually, doing the thing I fear over and over will make me feel more comfortable and confident. That’s what I did. I started to embrace every opportunity to speak in front of a group of people. I started in front of 5 then 10 people. Later in front of 100 and eventually in front of 1000 people. The repetition moved the needle forward for me.

Fast forward, today I love to speak in public and share my message on a big stage. I’ve spoken more than 1000 times in public. I’m a 2x TEDx speaker and I’m here to help aspiring TEDx speaker’s land and nail their speech with impact and confidence so they finally get the recognition they deserve and make the difference in the world they deeply desire. If I can do it, you can do it too!

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things

I always dreamt of doing something extraordinary. As a little kid I dreamt of being a professional soccer player, an architect and a sports commentator. As life went by, I became older and I experienced my share of ups and downs. I started to doubt myself more and more and my childlike dreams vanished in thin air.

In 1994 I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. A big chunk from my left hip bone was eaten by the virus and my spleen looked like cheese with big holes. Being raised in a broken home and feeling a lack of love and the painful sting of rejection due to my parent’s divorce didn’t help to boost my self-confidence. All these experiences made me feel small and insignificant. I didn’t like the feeling therefore I tried to numb the pain in many different ways.


Often, I thought I’m made for more, there’s more to my life and there’s more potential inside of me. I just didn’t know how to access that part of me. I felt I missed the right environment to thrive and I felt I missed the right support to help me forward. Several things were pivotal in the discovery of myself and becoming the person who I am today. My girlfriend who became the love of my life, my faith, several mentors who believed in me before I believed in myself and a community where I could try, fail (learn) and do it again. Step by step and through a lot of trial and error I moved forward. I discovered my strengths, my talents and my hidden potential.


My passion and my life!

I found out that I get the most joy when I’m helping someone else and I’m making an impact in another person’s life. I started as a Youth Coach in the community where I lived and I became an accredited Executive Coach (ILM level 7) after an intensive, but very rewarding education. For many years I have had the privilege of coaching business leaders in the corporate environment from all over the world. I coach them through 1:1 coaching sessions, conducting workshops, teamcoaching, 360 degrees assessments and MBTI assessments.

After doing a speaker training in 2018 I decided to go for a TED Talk. I boldly wrote on my dream board I AM A TEDx SPEAKER. The rest is history. Landing and nailing 2 TED Talks was a HUGE accomplishment and a validation for me.

But there was more. I realized there are many beautiful people who have a message, passion or an idea they want to share with the world. Ordinary people just like me. They see themselves on stage in front of a crowd sharing their passion, using their voice and making impact in other people’s lives. On the other hand they doubt if they have a message that will resonate, they struggle with thoughts like: “who am I to share this” or they don’t know if they’re experienced enough. With these people in mind I started my TEDx Speaking Coaching because if there’s something that lights me up then it’s seeing ordinary people do extraordinary things. With the right training, resources and support you can be amazed at yourself and become a great speaker.


There are 5 main ways I can help

you become a speaker:

1. Get superclear on your idea so you can create a message you truly believe in, that will make the impact you desire

2. Craft and write a script that is well structured, makes the impact you want and has your personal touch written all over it

3. Build confidence so you will believe in yourself, your message and sharing your talk on a big stage

4. Providing you a safe learning environment to practice, learn, and grow as a speaker; and giving you the training, resources, and feedback to adjust and finetune your skills

5. Being your coach who supports you with planning, preparing, and holding you accountable for the goals we set together. And I will be your coach who believes in you and will be cheering you on and until you have your moment on stage to shine.

Is there a way to feel amazing, accomplished and meaningful? The answer is: YES. Doing a TED Talk will make you feel this way.

Ready to start your TEDx journey that will positively impact your life and career?